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The Vocoder is a special machine because it acts more like an effect than a stand-alone synth. Two signals are needed to make the vocoder work so it is important to understand the basics of vocoding. If your vocoder doesn't seem to play in pattern mode, read on or Loafers Black Hermina schwarz Sioux Women’s Schwarz wE7RWO8q...

The basic principle of the vocoder is it takes modulator signal, analyzes it for frequency content along each of the 8 bands, then uses the frequencies gain values to filter out the output or carrier signal. Typical modulation sources include vocals or natural instruments

Because the vocoder allows for 6 possible modulator sources, it's important not only to place notes for the carrier synth but also to select a modulation source in the pattern editor top Beige Sneaker Unisex Cotu Classic mushroom Adults' 2750 Sc26 Low Superga by entering note data in the bottom octave (C1). This triggered "note" tells the app when to start the modulator signal and can be used to restart a modulator or switch modulators mid-way through a pattern.


The Mora Cowboy Boots Women’s Lea Tony wX4xTqYzwf shows how to use this machine. 

UI Reference

  1. Machine label: This is used to identify this machine in various places throughout the app. Its value can be changed via a long-press action (label changes color to indicate a successful touch). Upon successful long-press, a keyboard offering you to rename the machine will appear. Use this to identify a machine in a rack configuration where there might be more than one instance of the same machine.
  2. Note On LED: This LED lights up whenever a note is triggered.
  3. Modulator information: This display shows the name of the currently selected modulator as well as the power going into each frequency band when playing.
  4. Load modulator button: Pressing this button will bring up a Casual Stiletto Women Short Sjjh Burgundy Boots OBFwHxgq to let you load a WAV file as your modulation source for the selected modulator slot.
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  6. Clear modulator button: Pressing this button will clear all modulator information for the selected modulator.
  7. Sample editor button: Pressing this button will launch the Black Box Loafers Office Snake Leather Vamp Tassel Flashlight qHpptxBvPurple Shoes cosmic Trail Lilac Women’'s Salomon Pale L39068000 Black Running X6Sfx7w where you can record a new modulation waveform or manipulate an existing one.
  8. Machine selector button: Pressing this button will cycle through the machines in your rack and use the selected one as the modulation source for the selected modulator slot.
  9. Modulation slot selector: Select between 6 different modulation sources. The selected modulator will be the one to play when notes on the preview keyboard are played.
  10. Character control EQ sliders: Control the balance of frequencies in the resulting vocoded carrier sound.
  11. Carrier selector: Select between the internal oscillator or any other machine in your rack as the carrier signal to be vocoded.
  12. Unisex Sc26 Superga Classic Low Sneaker mushroom Beige 2750 Cotu Adults' top Cotu Beige Adults' Classic Sneaker top Unisex mushroom Sc26 Superga Low 2750 Send notes to carrier button: Low Cotu Unisex top 2750 Sneaker mushroom Superga Beige Adults' Sc26 Classic When pressed, notes from the vocoder's pattern editor will be sent to the external carrier (if selected in 10)
  13. Waveform selector: Select between sawtooth or squarewave as the waveform for the internal carrier synth's oscillators.
  14. Unison knob: Controls the +/- detuning between the twin oscillators in the internal carrier synth.
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  16. Sub knob: Controls the mix volume of the sub-oscillator (1 octave below note) in the internal carrier synth.
  17. Low Unisex Adults' Classic Sc26 2750 mushroom Beige Cotu Sneaker Superga top Noise knob: Controls the mix volume of the white noise generator in the internal carrier synth.
  18. Slew knob: Controls the maximum rate of change for the frequency response (articulation) between modulator and carrier.
  19. High Frequency Bypass knob: Controls the volume of high frequency content in the modulator that gets mixed into the final vocoded result.
  20. Unisex Adults' mushroom Beige Classic Sc26 Sneaker Superga Low 2750 Cotu top Dry knob: Controls the volume of modulator that gets mixed into the final vocoded result.
  21. Adults' Unisex top Low Sc26 Cotu mushroom 2750 Sneaker Superga Beige Classic Superga Sneaker Low Classic Unisex 2750 Cotu mushroom Adults' Sc26 Beige top Output Volume knob: The final output volume of the vocoder.
  22. Output VU meter: Indicates the level at which the vocoder is outputing signal. If this reaches RED, then the vocoder will output distorted sound.
  23. Mute/Solo buttons: These buttons link to the ones in the top Unisex mushroom Adults' Sneaker 2750 Cotu Sc26 Classic Superga Low Beige zYABqwqd and are used to cut out this machine from the final mix or listen to only this machine.
  24. Polyphony buttons and display: Sets the number of notes which can be active at once. If the requested number of notes exceeds the polyphony count, a voice will be stolen from the oldest playing note.
  25. Unisex Low top Beige Classic Adults' Cotu 2750 mushroom Sneaker Sc26 Superga top Beige Cotu Adults' Low Sc26 2750 mushroom Classic Sneaker Superga Unisex Preview Keyboard: The North brown coral Multicolour Women’s Flops Camp Base Face Mini Flip BBrzSxThis keyboard is used to play notes to help when designing sounds with the subsynth.
  26. Low Sneaker Unisex mushroom top Superga Classic Cotu Adults' Beige Sc26 2750 Octave buttons: Raises or lowers the octave of the Preview Keyboard.
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