Versa Spa

(Automated Spray Booth)

This is our entry level bed. It is designed to introduce you to tanning. Don't be fooled though, with 32 bulbs it's no level 1!

We offer three level 3 beds so wait time is minimal! These offer a great punch with powerful reflector bulbs! Great for someone wanting to take it to the next level!

Level 4

           Custom Airbrushing

A personalized airbrush tan is the absolute best way to get a spray tan. Our airbrush technician personalizes the color to your liking and applies it in a way no machine can duplicate. Simply make an appointment and our professional will mix and apply your tan to your liking. When you must have the best, look no further!

These beds feature both facial and shoulder tanners. This is the median level, but are still very strong.

Level 2

High Pressure tanning is the most advanced type of tanning beds. High pressure means you will receive 99% UVA rays to reduce the risk of burning. Once your base tan is built you can maintain your results in as little as one visit per week with this bed. It has an open design for comfort and a truly relaxing experience.

Level 6

The newest in airbrush technology! This is a heated, voice prompted, fully automated spray booth! This booth even stays open so no need to feel claustrophobic. Enjoy the privacy while getting flawless natural results. We use only the finest solution (this will NOT make you orange). It will give you a beautiful natural looking tan. It has three different levels of darkness and a optional prep solution.


Level 3

Level 5

Our level 5 are our highly desired stand up booths. It positions you in a way that eliminates pressure points and tans under your arms. We have them with and without facial tanners.

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